The 2012 Club Championship results are in, counted, verified and released.  A big congratulations to our President Tommy Pap for a tremendous result and continued success at competitions throught the year.  Here's to a big and bright 2013 ahead and an ascendency by some of the young bucks and new members!
 1st 328Tommy Papadopoulos
 2nd 263Bill Truscott 
 3rd 245Arthur Page 
 4th 230Matt Deaves 
 5th 214Chass Genovese
 6th 142 Doug Coleman 
 7th 99 George Fatouros 
 8th 86Zee Platritis
 9th 71Darryl Beattie
 10th 55Corey Williams
 11th 39Russel Lewsey 
 12th 34Phil Phylactou 
 13th 32Michael Michael 
 14th 25Geoff Michael 
 -- 25Tony Rompotis