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Pegasus Sports Shooting Club
Lancelin Road
Lancelin, WA
PO Box 8375 Perth BC WA 6849
President:  Tom Papodopolous, O4I2 95I 958,
Vice-President:  Tony Rompotis,
Secretary:  Lee Granger,
Treasurer:  Lee Granger
Safety Officers:  Geoff Gant, Matt Deaves
Target Coordinaters:  Arthur Page,, Corey Williams,
Information Officer:  Matt Deaves, O42O 349 352,
Catering Manager:  Lee Granger
Membership Officer:  Matt Deaves
F&G Delegates:  Tom Papodopolous, Arthur Page, Garry Granger,
Listed Members' Email Contact:
Find us at the Lancelin Community Sports Complex, or at the range just off Old Ledge Road

Pegasus Sports Shooting Club

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